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At Kindernet, we want to change the face of the Internet for children.

Yep, we dream big, but we're not a big company. We are a tiny team based in Singapore and spread over a number of countries: the US, the UK, China and India.

Who are we? Kindernet has friends all over the world, but some of the key people are on the Kindernet Team page.

We're working toward a goal of a kinder, safer 'net. We want to make it more fun for kids, and less of a worry for parents.

A kinder, safer net

We are working on ways to make the Internet better for kids. So far we have our search engine, and our new toolbar. We have lots more innovations planned so please keep in touch. If you'd like to recieve a regular copy of our newsletter, please click here, or contact us about anything you like.

What Other's Say About Kindernet

What others are saying about Kindernet Search...

Kindernet"A kids' search engine that parents should adopt" Lemak Lemang, 2007



Kindernet"I did the rather boring dictionary of rude words test with it, and it worked very well - either giving no results, results that were appropriate for children and excluded the adult interpretation or popped up a box pointing out that some words in the search couldn't be used. As well as a web search option you could search for images, there's a page of reference tools available and a site of the day. If you're looking for a search engine to use with children you might want to research this one."
Phil Bradley, 2008. Phil Bradley's Weblog "Internet searching, web design, search engine developments and anything that will interest librarians" July 2008

"Kindernet aims to keep the Internet safe for children not just by filtering out undesirable content [but by pointing kids to] desirable sites...Web 2.0 applications may have made the Internet more exciting and interactive to people, but they pose new dangers to children. 'Kids may be tech-savvy, but they are not socially savvy,' Mark Trudinger, CEO of Kindernet, said." Joey Alarilla, Inquirer.net

Kindernet"Looking for a safe search engine for your family? Kindernet.com is for you." Andrew Peters, APLink



Not the Internet, Kindernet


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